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Aaron King
2020 Adventure Workshops
June 18th & 19th
Salt Flats 1-Night 
Milky Way
June 18th or June 19th:
July 20th -> 24th
Southern Utah
Milky Way
6 Spots Lefts:
May 20th & 22nd
NightScaper Conference
1-Night Milky Way
May 23rd -> 27th
Escalante, Utah 
Milky Way
June 22nd -> 26th
Crater Lake & Oregon Coast Milky Way
September 13th -> 20th
Out of Moab 
Milky Way Excursions
Coming Soon:
2020 Trailblazer Adventures
What are Trailblazer Adventures? These are first time adventures to a location that Photog Adventures hasn't been to! Be an Adventurer with Aaron King & get out to really awesome locations that need to be explored & tested for future workshops! Come along & have a true Photog Adventure with Aaron in the most real way possible with the excitement of exploring!
  • Explore​ - Explore the terrain for the first time!
  • Discover ​- Be the first to find the great composition!
  • Adventure - Forget schedules & following, be an Adventurer!
April 20th -> 24th
Bisti Badlands
August 17th -> 24th
New Zealand
Southern Island
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