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Faroe Islands AURORA Adventure
Faroe Islands
Adventure Workshop
WHEN: SEPT 18th through 25th, 2023
WHERE: Faroe Islands

FITNESS LEVEL: Ability to walk on STEEP muddy trails.
All of the Faroe Islands is susceptible to mud with slippery pathways even right off the road. So come sure footed and ready to walk cautiously at times.

Most distance hiking trails go through Private property and require a guide to do. The number of long hikes we can do is limited because of cost and difficulty. Which hikes we do will be decided in country.
AirBNB Lodging Accommodations for the Group
All Transportation while in the Faroes
Personal instruction at the camera, critique sessions

Travel insurance and personal equipment
Alcohol and soft drinks
    Reserve your spot today with a deposit of $2000. The remaining Tuition must be paid by AUG. 18th. An invoice will be sent to you from Aaron through PayPal to cover the remaining $1500.
Listen to the Podcasts above to learn specifics about Landscape Photography in the Faroes and get some answers to the questions you might already have!
Seven Days of Landscape Photography in the Faroes!
NOTE: We chase the light across SIX ISLANDS! We can start the day on Streymoy and go all the way up to Vidoy if the light is good. So the entire country is our Itinerary!
Devil's Garden
Devil's Garden
Frequently Asked Questions
What do I bring?
The landscapes are stunning, but the weather is very unpredictable. This is what we recommend to take with you:
  • Camera any make or body will do if it captures good landscape photography
  • ​Lenses you take is at your own choosing. Telephoto and wide angle all have their place in the Faroes
  • Multiple Batteries - we will be out on the road almost the entire day so come with 2-3 full each day
  • ​Tripod (recommended)
  • ​Camera Cover (Optional) - There will be weather. We almost HOPE for weather. So expect to get wet.
  • ND & graduated filters (recommended) 
  • ​Lens cloths
  • ​Head lamp
  • ​Windproof & Waterproof outdoor clothing
  • ​Hiking Boots that have great traction for the mud and waterproof
  • ​European Travel Adapted Plugs - at least TWO 
  • ​Laptop for post-processing (Lightroom & Photoshop)
How do I get there?
Flying in to the Faroe Islands?
Of the most common options, you will see flights from Iceland, Copenhagen and Edinburgh. Round trips going through Iceland typically requires you to stay for a night on your way back. So you leave Faroe Islands and have to stay a day in Iceland anyway so it's not a bad time to make an extra few days of it! What photographer doesn't want to stop by Iceland?! So if you find a good price, seriously consider the extra days in Iceland. There are Daily Flights from Copenhagen , if you find a good price to Denmark, you can fly to the Faroe Islands without any trouble. Flights run from Edinburgh Airport typically every Monday & Friday starting around $250. If you wanted to see the UK and maybe the Lake District on your way in, flying out of Edinburgh is a great plan!
All transportation is included in the workshop fee. I will pick you up at the airport and then just kick back and enjoy the sights as I drive you personally around the islands from location to location. You will be glad you are free to keep your eyes on the landscape!
No hotels for this workshop. Setting up headquarters in one of the many AirBNB options has been the best experience. Having a place to Wash your clothes, get wifi and make meals is just too good! 
WARNING: TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN! The Wind in this clip is LOUD! :D 
WARNING: TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN! The Wind in this clip is LOUD! :D 
The Faroe Islands are an archipelago of eighteen islands half way between Scotland and Iceland in the North Atlantic Ocean. Some of the most breathtaking scenery out there! Steep-sided mountains that rise out of the sea to almost 1000 meters making them the tallest cliffs in Europe, small fishing villages with grass covered roofs, huge cascading waterfalls that flow strong after the smallest rainfall, deep like fjords and black sand beaches with tidal pools scattered all around.  

Each location we visit will offer a new adventure from light crested villages to the summit of Sornfelli that stands almost 2500 feet! The Islands are a true source of inspiration to anyone who visits. With the constant changing weather making every photograph unique.   

During this workshop we will explore the islands of Vagar, Streymoy, Eysturoy, Kalsoy, Kunoy, Bordoy and Vidoy! It is a tour extraordinaire through the main islands of the Faroes and just a feast even from the car! All of these islands offer a unique adventure and beautiful 360° views at every corner and traveling through the tunnels (often under sea) which interconnect these islands.
Take for example the image above:
This is a typical day of travel for us. In this workshop we stayed in an AirBNB up in Vidareida and get to travel to Klaksvik for a terrific breakfast at Amarok then through the tunnels connecting the islands and we begin to chase the light. Through the day we explored the island of Streymoy, Torshavn the capital of the Faroes and went to one of my top favorite sunset locations off Syrdradalur

Expect to travel chasing the light EACH DAY! We can't expect to hold an itinerary steadfast without changes. Each day we will go where we need to to hit all of our landmark locations and at a time that work best for each location. But weather travels overhead fast so we can go begin a tunnel where the sky is clear and exit the short tunnel with gray skies minutes later! 

I will do my best watching the clouds and light to get us in the best position possible for Sunset golden hours and mid-day light shaft photography moments! The hunt for great light is the best part of the adventure of photographing the Faroe Islands, I love it! 

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me by email at
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7-Day Faroe Islands Adventure Workshop
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