Oregon Coast Adventure Workshop
Oregon Coast
WHERE: Along the Oregon Coast

FITNESS LEVEL: Ability to walk on a steep dirt trail.
In Bandon and Cannon Beach we walk down to the beach is pretty much all we have to "hike" while at Secret Beach we have a steep downhill dirt trail. If you can avoid tripping on tree roots, willing to walk patiently at slippery points these trails will offer you ZERO challenge! The biggest "huff and puff" trail will be the pathway up the sand dune and sandstone of Cape Kiwanda.

If you are concerned at all please check with Aaron before reserving!
ADVANCED! Star Tracker Lessons & at Camera Assistance
Snacks & Drinks while on-site doing Photography
Personal instruction at the camera, critique sessions
Post-processing sessions during the day

Transportation In Oregon
Hotel Accommodation
Travel insurance and personal equipment
Alcohol and soft drinks, laundry
    Reserve your spot today with a deposit of $950. The remaining Tuition must be paid by July 5th. An invoice will be sent to you from Aaron through PayPal to cover the remaining $850.
Listen to the Podcast above to hear stories about Bandon and Thor's Well.
Four Nights of Milky Way Photography
NOTE: If clouds cause any problems we will move locations or add Landscape Photography to the plans to make the best use of our time.
Devil's Garden
Night 1: Brookings
Night 2:  Bandon
Night 3: Pacific City
Night 4: Cannon Beach
  • Day 1: Everyone makes their way to Oregon and Brookings.
  • 6pm-8pm Group Dinner and set goals for the workshop.
  • 8:00pm Sunset Photography over Secret Beach from an above viewpoint for an 8:31pm Sunset.
  • 10:25pm Milky Way starts
  • Day 2: Sleep in as late as you can and then do breakfast as a group before heading to Bandon.
  • 1pm - 7pm Free time for you to drive & enjoy the sights!
  • 8pm Sunset at the Howling Dog Seastack on Bandon Beach for an 8:30pm Sunset from the rim.
  • 10:23pm Milky Way starts
  • Day 3: Sleep until Noon then head out to Pacific City, Oregon.
  • 6pm Dinner in Pacific City at Pelican Brewing.
  • 7:30pm Hike up to Cape Kiwanda viewpoints.
  • 8:30pm Sunset
    10:29pm Milky Way starts

  • Day 4: Sleep until Noon then head north to Cannon Beach, Oregon.
  • ​6pm-7:30pm Dinner at Pelican Brewing in Cannon Beach.
  • 7:30-8:30pm Sunset on the Beach near Haystack rock.
  • 8:30pm Sunset
    10:31pm Milky Way starts

Need Help? Contact me at:
Aaron King
Frequently Asked Questions
What do you bring?
Milky Way Photography is awesome but it can be VERY COLD depending on the location, so come ready for it!

This is what we recommend to take with you:
  • Camera with manual mode 
  • Lenses you need are anything from 8mm-50mm and with the largest aperture possible! f1.2 to f3.5 are great options! Bring your 50mm, and anything else you would like. Telephoto lens gigapanos can be great! Just don't forget your widest and largest aperture lenses at home!
  • Sturdy Tripod (REQUIRED!) make sure it is STURDY enough
  • L-Bracket (Optional) - Best for Panorama and switching orientation 
  • Focusing Aid (Carson Lumiloupe: https://amzn.to/2lDwFjz)
  • Batteries – Fully charged and at least 2 per night!
  • Memory Cards – minimum 2 cards of 32GB each
  • Head lamp (red lamps are not required anymore)
  • Really Warm outdoor clothing for staying warm during the coldest hours of night and standing in the wind!
  • Gloves
  • ​Water Proof jacket & Pants
  • Laptop (OPTIONAL) for post-processing (Lightroom & Photoshop)
Flying, Driving & Hotels?
Flying in?
If you plan to fly in, JustFly.com and SkyScanner.com are great sites for Flight Deals. Flying in to Portland is easiest. You MAY find an option for Eugene, Oregon. If you do that location is closer. But go with Portland is definitely easiest to find deals for.
Everyone takes care of getting themselves to and from this entire workshop. Renting a car at the airport or driving in from out of state is really easy. Definitely long drives through Oregon's wooded and mountainous regions to get all along the Coastline. Once you leave the I-5 you are usually in areas without cell signal and it is a winding road all the way to the coast. But once on the coast, driving the 101 is really easy, scenic and again one of my favorite drives in the world!
DO NOT RESERVE HOTELS. We play it by how the weather is. We MAY start at the top of the coast or down at Brookings. Preferably we start in Brookings and work our way north so we end close to Portland. So wait on getting reservations. We have always had success finding places to stay and getting AirBNBs if nothing else. Our main locations we stay in are Brookings, Bandon, Pacific City and near Cannon Beach. There are many options for Hotels, Camping and AirBNBs.
This Milky Way Adventure actually includes a LOT of Landscape Photography as well! We have sunsets from the Rim up at Crater Lake! Then amazing and beautiful locations out on the Oregon Coast in Bandon and Secret Beach! I just LOVE these places! If we get too many clouds, then Landscape is our PLAN A and we go out for sunrise too! But if the skies are clear as they can be! We will have amazing nights of Milky Way Photography at these three locations!

Secret Beach is a little bit of a drive from Crater Lake, but I don't hesitate at all to say it is worth it! The Oregon Coast is a beautiful location for both Landscape and Milky Way Photography. Secret Beach is amazing especially with the moon that we have this year! We can use the Moon to light up the sea-stacks and trees! This could be the chance for my best ever image from Secret Beach! We are going to love having our foreground landscape lit up by the moon!

Bandon is a location I have gone to twice a year since 2017! I love lining up the Milky Way with the shape of the Wizard's Hat and the Guardians of the Wizard! These sea-stacks are much more different than the sea-stacks at Secret Beach and we get a completely different feel being out literally IN THE WATER with the sea-stacks and lining up the Milky Way over them. I absolutely love this place. It almost is redundant for me to say that I love the place, but I wouldn't do workshops here if I didn't love going to these places! I can't wait for you to fall in love with them too!

Thor's Well & Cape Kiwanda This day will be a busy day of driving because we will be making TWO STOPS. We will see Thor's Well and spend an hour or two capturing there in the mid-day harsh light. Unfortunately, in order to get the Milky Way we have to come during a bad time for Thor's Well Tides that puts us capturing around High Tide at Noon. While it won't be the best skies, it will still be a fun adventure capturing the splash of water that comes out of Thor's Well and a chance to familiarize you all with the location so you can come back on your own in the future. Lunch is going to be at Luna Sea Fish House where the best Fish and Chips of the trip are found! But we will be quickly back on the road to make it to Pacific City - which is just under 2 hours drive - so we can do sunset and Milky Way from Cape Kiwanda. This is a long day of driving. No other way to put it.

Cannon Beach Now we get to take it easy. After a long Wednesday we can sleep in as long as your hotel will allow you and then everyone can take a leisurely travel up the coast to Cannon Beach. We will meet first thing for Sunset so you have until 4:30pm before you need to be on the Beach by Haystack Rock ready for Sunset AND Milky Way. Emphasize that you WILL NEED your Milky Way gear too when you walk down to the beach at Haystack Rock. We will stay in the same area for Milky Way as well. Cannon Beach is one of the FEW PLACES on the coast where the immediate surrounding hills are not too high to block some good sunrise color. It can be AMAZING THERE too! So we WILL BE DOING A SUNRISE HERE!

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me by email at aaron@PhotogAdventures.com.
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