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Southern Utah Milky Way Workshop
Southern Utah
Milky Way Workshop
WHEN: JULY 20th through 24th
WHERE: Goblin Valley State Park, Overlook & Natural Bridges National Monument
WHO: Photographers of ALL skill levels welcome!

FITNESS LEVEL: Ability to walk on uneven terrain.
Most locations will involve a short walk. The longest hike will be at Natural Bridges down to Owochomo Bridge and it is merely a .3 Mile hike. It is down an easy path with great rock steps to make it easy on everybody.
Snacks & Drinks while on-site doing Photography
Personal instruction at the camera, critique sessions
Post-processing sessions during the day

Hotel Accommodation
Travel insurance and personal equipment
Alcohol and soft drinks, laundry
    Reserve your spot today with a deposit of $700. The remaining Tuition must be paid by June 20th. An invoice will be sent to you from Aaron through PayPal to cover the remaining $400.
Listen to the Podcasts above to hear stories directly from participants of this workshop back in 2018!
Four Nights of Milky Way Photography
NOTE: If clouds cause any problems we will move locations or add Landscape Photography to the plans to make the best use of our time.
Devil's Garden
Night 1: Goblin Valley
Night 2: Unnamed Overlook
Night 3: Owochomo Bridge
Night 4: Bonus Area!
  • Day 1: Everyone makes their way to Green River, Utah to meet as a group for Dinner.
  • 5pm-6:30pm Group Dinner and set goals for the workshop.
  • 6:30pm Travel to Goblin Valley to see the location before sunset at 8:37pm.
  • ​Low-Level Lighting Instruction in Goblin Valley while waiting for Milky Way at 10:25pm.
  • ​Location: Goblin Valley
  • Day 2: Sleep until 1pm then join the group for Breakfast/Lunch by 1:30pm.
  • 3pm - 5pm Post-Processing of our Goblin Valley Images & PhotoPills Instruction.
  • 5pm Dinner 
  • 6pm Leave for the Overlook. Sunset at 8:42pm then Milky Way at 10:31pm.
  • ​Location: Unnamed Overlook
  • Day 3: Sleep until 10am then join the group for Breakfast by 11am.
  • Noon Leave for Blanding arriving by 2:30pm with stops. 
  • 3pm - 5pm Post-Processing & Instruction.
  • 5pm Dinner
  • 6pm Leave for Natural Bridges National Monument. Milky Way at 10:22pm.
  • ​Location: Owochomo Bridge
  • Day 4: Sleep in to 7am or later depending on weather.
  • 7am BONUS! Travel to Mule Canyon IF weather permits a House on Fire Ruins Hike!
  • ​Travel to Bonus Location.
  • ​Location: Bonus!
  • ​NOTE: If weather was bad we hit a spot we missed. Otherwise, we can go to Goosenecks.
  • ​​​SLEEPING: depends on location
NOTE: Outside of showing up to our LOCATION for the night, you can make your own schedule. ie. Get yourself to Goblin Valley in time for the Milky Way, then you can do anything else you want to do until then! So come ready to enjoy the many awesome locations of Southern Utah! YOU can hit any sunrise YOU want to! :D -Aaron
Frequently Asked Questions
What do you bring?
Milky Way Photography is awesome but it can be VERY COLD depending on the location, so come ready for it!

This is what we recommend to take with you:
  • Camera with manual mode 
  • Lenses you need are anything from 8mm-50mm and with the largest aperture possible! f1.2 to f3.5 are great options! Bring your 50mm, and anything else you would like. Telephoto lens gigapanos can be great! Just don't forget your widest and largest aperture lenses at home!
  • Sturdy Tripod (REQUIRED!) make sure it is STURDY enough
  • L-Bracket (Optional) - Best for Panorama and switching orientation 
  • Focusing Aid (Carson Lumiloupe:
  • Batteries – Fully charged and at least 2 per night!
  • Memory Cards – minimum 2 cards of 32GB each
  • Head lamp (red lamps are not required anymore)
  • Really Warm outdoor clothing for staying warm during the coldest hours of night and standing in the wind!
  • Gloves
  • ​Water Proof jacket & Pants
  • Laptop (OPTIONAL) for post-processing (Lightroom & Photoshop)
Flying, Driving & Hotels?
Flying in?
If you plan to fly in, and are great sites for Flight Deals. Flying in to Salt Lake City or Las Vegas are options. If weather allows it, our first location is Goblin Valley. The drive from Salt Lake to Green River to meet up for that first night is 3 hours while the drive from Las Vegas is much longer at 6 hours 20 mins depending on traffic. But if you can find a good price at Las Vegas, come a few days early and make stops at Zion National Park & Bryce Canyon National Park to name only two great options on your way to Green River!
Everyone takes care of getting themselves to and from this entire workshop. Renting a car at the airport or driving in from out of state is really easy. The drive is beautiful and there are MANY locations to stop and consider for Sunrises throughout the workshop. Some will want to get some sleep and some will want the freedom to drive around to amazing spots, so we keep this simple by having everyone drive themselves.
We all pick our favorite option for Hotels in two main locations: Green River and Blanding, Utah. From Green River we can get to Goblin Valley & Overlook areas very quickly. Then Blanding provides us easy access to Natural Bridges National Monument. Depending on where we go our last night of the workshop, we might go to a new location. 
This workshop includes a sky SO AWESOMELY DARK it is not only ONE of the International Dark Sky Parks but it was the very FIRST to receive the designation of International Dark Sky Park! Natural Bridges National Monument has such a great view of the sky it is a place you might consider bringing your telescope along with you to enjoy some of the harder to see low-contrast deep-sky objects our hemisphere has to offer! Owochomo bridge is just the beginning of the awesome unique Milky Way locations all around the desert of Southern Utah that we will be visiting! 

If you have always wanted to see what is so great about Southern Utah, this workshop is the perfect way to start! You will be sad how many places you will add to your bucket list after this trip! You won't want to leave!  

Goblin Valley is like traveling to a far off planet! The entire park is a playground we can climb, walk on and it has the perfect deep valley giving the boundaries a complete separation from the rest of the world. Making it impossible to see anything else BUT the crazy cool land of mushrooms, goblins and hoodoos that will become an instant favorite! Milky Way here is a challenge of fun when using low-level lighting. There are about a dozen different ways to light any one scene! Each time I go out here, I get a unique image I have never taken before. It's just crazy how my first in 2016 is still my favorite of all them!   

Overlook is unnamed to protect the area from getting too popular. It is such a beautiful view. If you thought you were on a different planet in Goblin Valley, you will feel like you are on Mars when you look out over the view. This place makes a fantastic sunrise if you have enough energy after the Goblin Valley night! We do need to be really safe here as there are limited spots out on the outcropping of rocks on the ledge, but it is a very dangerous and fatal ledge should anyone fall. If you are afraid of heights you will want to stand back and align your shot anywhere along the rim you feel comfortable. It will be easy to keep tripods and other cameras out of view so long as you don't go further south. The rim there will include photographers in it but hey, that worked for Brad Goldpaint to become Astronomy Photographer of the Year with his shot!

Owochomo Bridge is a little hike that WILL make you tired coming up. But it is barely .3 of a mile! yes not even half of a mile. Only 0.3! It is an easy hike over uneven terrain. Come ready to be careful as you descend and keep yourself safe. The position we usually pile up on will not be the best view of the Milky Way during July, so we have the option of going over to the larger space albeit on a hill where we can look through the window of the Bridge from the opposite side. It is definitely one of my absolute favorite Milky Way Foregrounds of all time! 

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me by email at
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4-Night Southern Utah Workshop
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