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Seven Nights of Aurora Photography
Aurora chasing in the Upper Peninsula & Minnesota
Seven Nights
of Aurora Photography
Ice Cave Adventure in Minnesota
WHEN: MARCH 24th through 31st
WHERE: Upper Peninsula & Minnesota

FITNESS LEVEL: Ability to walk in snow, uneven terrain.
Basically if you can avoid tripping on tree roots, willing to walk patiently at slippery points these trails will offer you ZERO challenge!
ALL transportation during workshop
Sunset & Aurora Photography PLUS Deep-Sky Astrophotography
Snacks & Drinks while on-site doing Photography
Personal instruction at the camera, critique sessions
Post-processing sessions during the day when feasible

Hotel Accommodation
Travel insurance and personal equipment
Alcohol and soft drinks, laundry
    Reserve your spot today with a deposit of $1500. The remaining Tuition must be paid by Feb 24th. An invoice will be sent to you from Aaron through PayPal to cover the remaining $1250.
Listen to the Podcast above to hear stories about MaryBeth's adventures in the UP chasing Aurora.
Seven Nights Chasing Aurora, Sunsets & Deep-Sky Astro
NOTE: We are doing FOUR kinds of Photography. So all weather conditions will work for us this trip. Clear, cloudy, with or without Aurora we will have an adventure!

Go Where Nature Forces Us!

This is a workshop where we are going to make use of lots of foreground options stretching from the Mackinac Bridge all the way along Lake Superior into Minnesota and up to the Canadian border! Be prepared to travel where the skies are clear and as north as we can go to get UNDER the aurora! 

Look at the image on the right. -->
We have options that will take us all along the YELLOW SHADED area all along Lake Superior. MaryBeth has found fantastic foregrounds that offer us a great view of the Aurora over the really dark Lake Superior light pollution-free skies! 

An itinerary per se doesn't work on this workshop as we will be traveling where the weather takes us that week. We want CLEAR SKIES most importantly and so we meticulously (you should see MaryBeth and how intensely she researches the weather patterns each day to get us our best shot!) check all weather predictions and decide each day where we will go that day to find the openings in the weather.

Why March? Because aurora is GREAT around the Equinox!

The equinox is the time or date (twice each year) at which the sun crosses the celestial equator and when day and night are of equal length. This date is about the 21st March (Spring Equinox) and 23rd September (Autumn Equinox).

During the equinox there is generally periods of high geomagnetic electrical disturbance and during these periods the earth’s axial tilt aligns us at the peak angle relative to the sun to “accept” sun particles, and therefore see the Northern Lights.

The “Russell-McPherron” hypothesis explains this in much more scientific language but basically the high geomagnetic electrical disturbance (up to twice as many geomagnetic storms), combined with the tilt of the earth’s axis at that time.

EXAMPLE of what a Three Day Itinerary in the Upper Peninsula COULD look like

This example comes from our last Workshop that was only in the UP and we all flew in to Chicago. We fly in to Minneapolis this workshop. 

  • ​Day 1: Marquette
  • ​Travel Day to Marquette, MI. If you are flying into Chicago, be sure it's on an early flight. The drive to Marquette from Chicago is approximately 6 hours.
  • ​Marquette is one of the larger cities in the Upper Peninsula with lots of major stores around in case you forgot anything.
  • 6pm-7pm Group Dinner and Orientation with the group. 
  • ​If weather permits, we will head out to a nearby Roadside Park & shoot at the beach. If Aurora is a possibility, we will stay out there.
  • Day 2: Sugarloaf Mountain
  • 12pm-2pm Lunch / Questions from the night before. Check Aurora forecast.
  • 4-6pm Sunset at Sugarloaf Mountain
  • 6-10pm Night shooting from Sugarloaf Mountain. We will wrap up around 10PM if there doesn't seem like a good chance for Aurora.
  • ​I want to emphasize here that each night we will be doing Sunset, Milky Way, Deep-Sky Astrophotography & Aurora!
  • Day 3: Miner's Beach & Elliot Falls.
  • 12-2pm - Lunch / Questions from the night before. Check Aurora forecast
  • 2-3:30pm - Drive to Miner's Beach and Elliot Falls (Au Train Beach - if the road to Miner's isn't accessible)  
  • 4-6pm - Sunset at the Beach
  • 6-10pm - Setup for night shooting. Cell signal is spotty at best in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, so we'll use our best judgement on how long to stay.
Frequently Asked Questions
What do you bring?
Night Photography is awesome but it WILL be VERY COLD so come ready for snow!

This is a list of what we recommend to take with you:
  • Camera with manual mode 
  • Lenses you need are anything from 8mm-50mm and with the largest aperture possible! f1.2 to f3.5 are great options! Bring your 50mm, and anything else you would like. Telephoto lens gigapanos can be great! Just don't forget your widest and largest aperture lenses at home!
  • Sturdy Tripod (REQUIRED!) make sure it is STURDY enough
  • L-Bracket (Optional) - Best for Panorama and switching orientation 
  • Focusing Aid (Carson Lumiloupe:
  • ​Lens Warmer (MIGHT be needed. It helps keep the condensation off your lenses)
  • Batteries – Fully charged and at least 2 per night!
  • Memory Cards – minimum 2 cards of 32GB each
  • Head lamp (red lamps are not required anymore)
  • Really Warm outdoor clothing for staying warm during the coldest hours of night and standing in the wind!
  • Gloves
  • ​Water Proof jacket & Pants (Recommend good snow pants)
  • Laptop (OPTIONAL) for post-processing (Lightroom & Photoshop)
Flying, Driving & Hotels?
Flying in?
If you plan to fly in, and are great sites for Flight Deals. You should fly in to Minneapolis (MSP). You can arrive with plenty of time Wednesday the 23rd the night before the workshop but it does require an extra night of hotel stay or fly in AS EARLY AS YOU CAN Thursday morning March 24th.
Driving? We are driving you!
We will group everyone into two seven passenger SUVs to give everyone enough space to spread out. Your tuition fee helps cover the costs of the two SUVs so plan on driving with us so that it is easy to keep the group together. But if you still prefer your own vehicle and space, you can rent a vehicle and follow us everywhere but you will be helping pay for everyone's ride while not using it yourself. So make sure you really want to drive yourself! 
There are several options out there. The itinerary is going to be DYNAMIC meaning that you can't start looking for hotels or AirBNBs now. We will be changing plans according to weather. In the last workshop we would get large AirBNBs that we can share with the group and keep the costs down. That worked really well even with the day-to-day changes we made watching the weather. 
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7-Night Aurora Photography Workshop in the Upper Peninsula & Minnesota
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  • Personal instruction at the camera, critique sessions and post processing sessions during the day while we wait for night to do Milky Way Photography
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